Our values express what we believe in. The words we choose to describe them become real actions every day. We know that a value can only be called such if it takes form through deeds.

Our ideas and the satisfaction we seek in our customers are the results of the culture that we create, day by day, in the awareness of our values.


The passion for the difficult challenge which makes our choices possible, created never to betray the promise to accompany the customer in the solution they have imagined. 


Constant research leads us to explore new frontiers, to innovate in quality, in the timeliness of services and products. We have never been satisfied: first and foremost, we care about the trust placed in us by those who believe in us. 


We are custodians and responsible for everything we create. We are careful and aware, each and every day, of the commitments we are making towards those who believe in our solutions.  


Listening, competence, and professionalism emerge in the attention given to the customer’s needs and they become quick, realistic answers. Care for our workers, for the environment, and for the region to which we bring our know-how demonstrate the meaning in our intentions and the workplaces we want to create.”>


We have known how to change when necessary. We have courageously sought different and original perspectives; we have put down ideas and solutions by anticipating the times and by making our credibility increasingly stronger. 

Working in the Fintria Group means being part of a great team. We are convinced that the challenges facing us can only be overcome if we all make our own individual contribution!
Passion, commitment, reliability, and competence are the characteristics that unite us.

Send your application to: job@gruppofintria.it